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  • Wishlist 2014

    Dec 08, 2014

    Dear Friends,

    Barbara Olson Center of Hope is in its 66
    th year serving teens and adults with disabilities in the community. As always, we have been very busy. The participants at the Center not only inspire us, they move us to do all in our power to make their dreams come true. They teach us to look at their abilities, not to focus on what can’t be done, but to find the right supports needed for each individual person to reach his goals.

    We have been doing incredible programming at the Center, mostly through the support of community grants and generous donations from individuals like you.

    The Center of Hope is in two regional networks called “Intersect for Ability” with other similar organizations that are working collaboratively to find the current best practices for teen and adults with disabilities.

    Through our Chicago Intersect for Ability network, we started a program called “Building Bridges to the Future”, which is a unique program designed to assist families (who have teens with developmental disabilities) with the challenges of exiting the school system and navigating the world of adult services. Bridges takes a holistic approach to each family’s situation. COH is already serving over 150 families with these programs through fifteen schools and six school districts! We hope to expand the accessibility of this program to more families as soon as there is additional funding secured.

    We are also looking at how we can serve those on the state’s waiting list. Over 300 students have graduated in the last 10 years and are sitting at home. We want to help them find funding to access programs and services, such as ours, from which they could greatly benefit.

    Lastly, we will be offering Occupational Therapy programs to individuals with autism and sensory needs in the afternoon for any family in the community. Just call the Center to get more information.

    As the holiday season approaches, the board, staff, participants, volunteers and families want to wish everyone a safe and healthy new year.

     I personally thank you for your compassion and continued support. Your generosity has always given us HOPE!

    Best Wishes,

    Carm Herman
    Executive Director