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Super Shredders

Why Us

Outsourcing is More Secure and Saves Money

Imagine the time it would take an employee to shred a banker’s box of documents feeding a small office shredder five sheets at a time. In addition, this exposes your sensitive information, such as payroll documents, to entry level employees. Even considering minimum wage, it is more cost effective, not to mention provides peace of mind, to outsource your shredding.

Do-It Your Self Shredding Leaves No Records of Compliance

If you were audited or had a legal compliance issue brought against your company, could you show that you are compliant with the law? We provide our customers with written document destruction verification to ensure your compliance with all laws.

Employees Do Not Use Office Shredders

Often, employees do not have time to wait for slow and inefficient shredders to complete their task or the shredder is jammed and broken. This leads to the "lazy toss" in the trash. One "lazy toss" can cost your company thousands of dollars. Do you have the five to ten minutes to spare to un-jam a paper shredder?

Proven Best Practices

Your security is our top priority! Rest assured your documents will be transported and destroyed safely and in a time conscious manner.

Shredding Performed by Trained and Secure Staff

Our staff is trained to destroy your documents in the most secure and efficient manner. Our professionals also have to pass several Federal, State and Local background checks.

Cost Effective

With Super Shredders, there are no up-front costs and hidden fees. We will provide and setup the locking collection bins at your location.

Support the Community

Profits from Super Shredders go to help the Barbara Olson Center of Hope. The Center of Hope works with individuals who have special learning needs to continue their education and vocational training. The money raised helps us to increase enrollment, enhance our programs, and provide training to staff. Super Shredders also offer employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.