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Super Shredders

Customer Testimonials

We have been a Super Shredders customer for several years. As a local company founded in 1904, we want to support our community and assist individuals develop skills and provide them with vocational opportunities. Sustainability is very important to J.L. Clark and Super Shredders certainly is a big part of our overall intolerance of waste philosophy.  We appreciate the professional and reliable service provided by Super Shredders and hope that other companies in the greater Rockford area will consider switching their paper shredding needs to Super Shredders.

Mike Tolliver
Vice President, Sales & Marketing



"We have been a customer of Super Shredders in different capacities with different companies for close to ten years. As a business owner, we want to give back to organizations that are a real asset to the community and helping individuals better themselves. The level of service and professionalism is wonderful. They even bring GourMutts treats for our company mascot."

Kevin D. Rudy
President, Lee County Title, Inc.