Barbara Olson Center of Hope
Occupational Therapy Clinic Services

Occupational therapy strives to support an individual with achieving his or her highest level of function and assists individuals with the skills they need in everyday life.

Barbara Olson was innovative in her time when opening the School of Hope for children. To this day, we continue to follow in her tradition, working to be at the forefront of meeting the needs of adults with developmental disabilities.

Here at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope, we are concerned with helping all individuals reach their personal best and follow their dreams. We are passionate about sharing successful tools with families so that they can better meet the needs of their loved ones. That is why we opened our clinic in the spring of 2012, so that we may not only reach our in-house clients with these benefits, but the public as well. Our clinic is unique among others in the area in that our therapy services are specifically tailored towards adults with autism and developmental delays. The Occupational Therapy Clinic at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope specializes not only in addressing apparent motor needs, but also the sensory needs of adults. Services offered through the clinic include: evaluations, treatment plans, consults, and ongoing treatment.


My son Eric always looks forward to his O.T. session. After a session of O.T., he seems more comfortable, calm, and able to communicate better. We have also have been able to incorporate some O.T. strategies that Theresa has recommended, into his day, which have reduced some problematic behaviors.
– Merry Klemm