Workshop Funding

Workshop Funding

Fee for workshops:

For upcoming workshops, please refer to the pricing on that specific workshop’s information page located under Upcoming Events.

If you would like us to host one of our workshops for your agency, please contact our Occupational Therapy Department regarding the fees.

Barbara Olson Center of Hope
3206 N. Central Ave., Rockford, IL 61101
Tel: (815) 964-9275 ext. 233
Fax: (815) 964-9607

Funding Opportunities

Family members interested in attending one of our workshops, may qualify for funding opportunities to cover the cost of the workshop. For more information please contact the following agencies.

Arch Consumer Stipend Program
Call Arch of Illinois at (815) 464-1832 or apply online at:
Click on Consumer Stipend Project

Apply on line at:
Click on the Financial tab and then the Fellowship tab for info.