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October 2019 Issue

Center of Hope expands its community outreach program

by Barbara Olson Center of Hope | Aug 08, 2019

Center of Hope is opening our third community outreach location at the Riverside Community Church in Machesney Park, expanding the program to three community locations in the area. The other two locations are in Rockford and Rockton. The goal of the program in Machesney Park is to get our participants community work experience and internships.

Kelley Peterson, director of participant services said, “It is important to our participants to be active members of their community and earning a fair wage. We want them to achieve a community job as well as learn new skills and become as independent as possible.”

Participants will be receiving job training, volunteering to gain work experience, putting together their résumés, and touring local businesses to discover job opportunities. If you know of any potential internships or employment opportunities contact Kelley Peterson at 815.964.9275 or kpeterson@b-olsoncenterofhope.org.

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