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Workshop Funding


October 2019 Issue

Cooking in style

by Tom Lasley | Oct 09, 2019

Thanks to a generous donation, Center of Hope was able to remodel the training kitchen and update the computer lab to make it more accessible to our participants.

“We wanted to be able to give as much working space as possible for as many participants as possible,” said Pam Carey, executive director.

“The setup for the old kitchen did not allow for easy access for multiple people in the kitchen at one time,” she added.

The project started with a completely new layout, tearing out all of the existing cabinets, and updating the kitchen from ceiling to floor. A twelve-foot island, with a lower section to accommodate chairs and wheelchairs, was installed so all participants can be around the island participating in cooking projects. In addition, the microwave was relocated for better access, cabinet handles were installed that are easier to grip, and the faucet can be turned on by simply waving one’s hand. There is even a portable smart board to enhance the classroom experience by showing demonstrations while the instructors are teaching the classes.

The reaction from staff and participants was “an overwhelming response of true excitement.”

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